Turing's fair Assessment Policy

What activities are permitted during Turing assessments, and what measures should be taken to comply with the policy?

Fair assessment policy

To maintain the integrity of these Turing's assessments, and the trust of our developers, there is a clear cheating policy you are expected to adhere to. 

  1. Close all non-Turing browser tabs before starting the challenge.
  2. During the challenge, you are only allowed to look up syntax or API references. This means that you can consult official manuals, language specs, or standard library references, but using any other resources constitutes cheating. ChatGPT, Stackoverflow, question banks, and forums are not allowed.
  3. You are only allowed to use the challenge coding environment, Turing's IDE, in the browser tab during the attempt.
  4. Copying and pasting are restricted in the challenge environment.
  5. Turing reserves the right to share recordings with Turing clients for the specific purpose of matching you for a job. Turing will maintain any recordings in accordance with its Privacy Policy. You may request for the recording to be deleted at any time by writing an email to support@turing.com. Please note that doing so may affect the ability for you to be matched to jobs.
  6. Turing WILL consider the following as cheating (including but not limited to):
    • Obstructed video, paused video, audio, or screen sharing.
    • Multiple Turing profiles.
    • Impersonation.
    • Excessive tab switching.
    • Taking screenshots.
    • Unauthorized assistance.

Turing has the right to temporarily or permanently ban you from the platform for violating the policy above.