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What is the payment, payout and tax process at Turing?

Can developers negotiate their rates ?

At Turing, every engineer is allowed to set their own rate. However, Turing's specialists may recommend a remuneration which they know can find fruitful and long-term opportunities for you to grow and succeed. Turing's recommendations are based on the assessment of market conditions and the demand that Turing sees from customers. 

In most cases, Turing’ specialists recommend remunerations that exceed what developers normally make in their local economies. Turing's goal is to provide engineers with stable, fruitful work and long-term learning opportunities, rather than have engineers frequently hop from one small project to another.

Transfer and withdrawal

Turing ensures a smooth and effortless experience for payments and transfers to your local bank account. Turing developers are compensated in U.S. dollars through an intermediary platform which provides extremely fast and smooth payouts.

This platform also allows you to withdraw your payments through the many supported payment options like bank transfer to your local bank, Payoneer, TransferWise, Coinbase, etc.

In order to receive payments, developers will receive an invite link to the payments intermediary where they need to sign up and verify their personal banking information. After providing the necessary data, developers sign a remote work agreement that outlines your contract with Turing.

Ofcourse, Turing’s dedicated teams will always be at your service if you face any issues during the process. 

Which date of the month will I get my money? 

Turing constantly clears your remunerations on the date decided in the contract. This date is mutually fixed and cannot be rescheduled or adjusted. Depending on the withdrawal methods and banking policies, developers can expect their payments to be credited in their local accounts within 10 working days after withdrawal.

For more information regarding payments and assistance regarding the best payment option for you, please reach out to support@turing.com

Turing’s team will reach out within 24 hours and help resolve the problem as soon as possible.