How can I take the work experience analysis?

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After your profile is successfully set up, you will be able to access your developer profile. Once inside, click Turing Test from the menu on the left. 



Picture 1: Turing profile menu


When you click on Turing Tests in the left column, you will see the following screen:image-0.png Picture 2: Turing tests progress & work experience assessment

In Picture 2, two different parts can be seen. First is the progress bar which shows you an overview of your progress. If you reached here, you have already completed 25%!

The second is the Work Experience Analysis, a test designed to understand and analyze your past projects, product involvement, and experience in your work with other engineers. The test takes 30 minutes to complete on average. The answers from this multiple-choice test will help us match you with the best possible jobs and roles within teams.



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