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Who can join Turing as a developer?

Turing finds and hires some of the most talented developers from all corners of the planet. Over 1.5 million developers across 100+ skills from over 150 countries have already signed up with Turing.

To join Turing, developers have to pass a rigorous vetting process that is designed to find the top 1% of the world's best remote engineers.

Turing engagements are full-time and long-term. As one project nears completion, our team goes to work to identify the next one for you within weeks and with us you will get access to upskilling workshops, career development sessions, networking meetups, and a lot more — all designed to equip you with tools to build a strong career.

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Turing primarily hires developers based on their talent and merit, but there are some legal conditionalities too that individual developers must fulfill to be a part of Turing's global network of developers.

Who can become a Turing developer?

  • Full-time availability (40 hours/week)

    We allow part-time work during a short transition period, but you’ll need to transition to full-time quickly.

  • 3-6 hrs availability for tests & interviews

    Take our tests & interviews designed by engineering leaders from Facebook, Google, and a Stanford AI scientist.
  • 4 hours overlap with US time zone

    Our customers are primarily in Silicon Valley and New York, and hence we require a 4-hour overlap with their timezone.
  • Fluent English and proactiveness

    We hire effective communicators who understand remote work challenges and can overcome those by over-communicating.

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