What is Turing's holiday, emergency and sick leave policy?

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Turing understands that work-life balance is crucial to a developer's well-being, and having the option to take some time off is very important — especially while working remotely. 

Turing is quite flexible, and so are Turing’s customers. One of Turing’s core beliefs is that employees are healthiest when they are able to openly communicate things related to leaves and holidays directly to the company they are working with. However, Turing does have some simple protocols that developers working on the platform have to follow. These protocols are designed to ensure smooth functioning and organized workflow for Turing, the customers, as well as the Turing developers. 

Planned time off 

If you’re planning on taking time off, please follow the steps below:

  1. Plan ahead and give notice in a timely manner (the sooner, the better)
  2. Get the approval from your customer manager first.
  3. Once approval has been provided by the customer, inform the Dev Success Team by sending an email to devsuccess@turing.com stating the exact dates you will be OOO (Out of Office) and confirming all parts have been informed and approval has been given.


Note that it's mandatory to properly inform both your customer and Turing before taking any leaves.


Of course, there will be exceptional situations where it becomes impossible to give notice beforehand. In such situations, please communicate promptly with our Dev Success Team at devsuccess@turing.com to appropriately handle the situation in a way that will be beneficial for all parties.

Unplanned time off 

Sometimes, you may get sick or have other unplanned emergencies come up that will cause you to miss work. As soon as you can, you should inform and get approval from your customer and send an email to ​​devsuccess@turing.com​. Turing recommends you do this as soon as possible.  

Keeping a reliable line of communication open with the people you work with is essential to successful remote collaboration on Turing. Both Turing's clients and internal teams understand that unplanned events do occur and cause developers to miss work. Turing does expect you to be responsible and inform relevant teams immediately whenever such an event does take place so that they can plan and operate accordingly. 


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