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What is Turing's Time off Policy?

Turing is quite flexible with regard to time off, and so are Turing’s partner companies but some protocols must be followed.

Turing is quite flexible with regard to time off, and so are Turing’s partner companies. However, there are a few protocols developers working on the platform must follow. These protocols are designed to ensure smooth functioning and organized workflows for Turing developers as well as our partner companies.

Planned time off 

If you’re planning on taking time off, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Plan and give notice promptly (the sooner, the better).
  2. Get approval from your client manager first.
  3. Once approved, formalize your request to the Dev Success Team by submitting the Time Off Request Form

Note: It is mandatory to inform both client and Turing before taking any time off.

Unplanned time off 

Of course, there will be exceptional situations where it becomes impossible to give notice beforehand. If you’re sick or in an emergency situation where proper guidelines cannot be followed, please get in touch with our Dev Success Team at devsuccess@turing.com. This will help Turing communicate with your client company and make appropriate arrangements beneficial for both parties.

Keeping an open and reliable line of communication with the people you work with is essential for a successful remote collaboration. Both Turing's clients and internal teams understand that unplanned events might occur and cause developers to miss work.

However, Turing expects you to be responsible and inform relevant stakeholders immediately whenever such an event happens so they can plan and operate accordingly.