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How does Turing's referral program work?

Turing has a beautiful global developer network that is growing at a rapid pace. Developers themselves have helped Turing grow this community by inviting their talented friends and colleagues to join in and grab some really amazing remote U.S. job opportunities for software developers. Therefore, Turing rewards the most loyal and committed developers through our Turing referral program!

You can earn a minimum of $250 every time Turing's U.S. partner companies hire your recommendation for at least 1 month. Also, there’s NO limit to how many friends you can invite. Click here to know more about the referral program.  

Picture 1: Referral Program screen

The Turing referral program is pretty straightforward:  On the referral page (shown above), enter the email addresses of the developers you would like to refer. They will receive an email with an overview of the opportunities they could find through Turing. They will also receive a link to immediately create a Turing account and begin the process of becoming a Turing remote developer!

If the developer you’ve referred is successfully matched to one of Turing's U.S. partner companies, you’ll receive a bonus of at least $250 from Turing. You can earn from each individual referred match and there’s no limit to the number of developers you can refer.   Earn as you help your friends advance their careers.

Visit https://developers.turing.com/dashboard/referral and start the referral program today!  You can track the progress of your referrals to see how close you are to earn your bonus.   

Please feel free to reach out to support@turing.com for more information regarding the Turing referral program.