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Turing aims to change the lives of elite developers across the world in multiple ways. But more than that, Turing is fostering an entire community of the world's most talented developers! 

How do developers benefit from this community?

Turing helps developers take on more challenging, meaningful and valuable work with top U.S. companies with teams and collaborators from the talent pool of the world's top 1% developers. With teams consisting of the world's most elite engineering talent, all of whom either match or outperform Silicon Valley standards, Turing is able to help everyone work together, solve problems together, and grow together.

And all of that happens with a lot of flexibility, freedom, and no VISA! Don't believe it? Let's hear what some Turing developers have to say!

Meet Parv from India — one of our most talented developers!

This is Tiago from Brazil, a full-stack developer from Brazil!

And here's how working with Turing changed Alexey's life in Russia!


To know more about the opportunities Turing has for developers in over 100 technologies and skills, visit!


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