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How does Turing find the perfect job for me after vetting?

Once you have passed the Coding Challenge and finalized your resume, it is our job to find you the customer. Your work is done, now Turing will bring jobs to you!

So, how does it go?

  • First, your work experience and tech stack tests are considered.
  • Then results of the Coding Challenge are factored in as well.
  • This is combined with your resume to put together your Turing Developer Profile.
  • After that, your Turing Developer Profile is presented to multiple customers.

When you are chosen as a possible candidate for the job, Turing's onboarding team will reach out to you and schedule a call. This call will be about a specific job opportunity and the expertise needed for that role. The onboarding team will discuss your availability, preferred remuneration, and your interest in the job. Once all the terms are established, you will be shortlisted for a job. If chosen, you will meet the customer in an interview.

It is important to notice that the terms discussed can be used for multiple jobs, and once established they are valid for the first job with Turing. The goal is for you to grow with Turing. So depending on your performance, your remuneration and role can always be renegotiated.

The minimum renegotiation period is 4 months, but it is always better to renegotiate between the projects, and not while the project is ongoing.