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How can I take the Coding Challenge?

In this article you will find: What is expected of me in the Coding Challenge? Why do I need to take the Coding Challenge? What happens if I fail the Coding Challenge? Coding Challenge resources Coding Challenge instructions and policy

The Coding Challenge is the next mandatory step after completing the Tech Stack Tests. You can find the Coding Challenge in the Challenges section on the homepage.

Once you land on the Coding Challenge page, you will see the following screen:1-2

Picture 1: Coding Challenge screen

Read each instruction carefully, go through each window, and understand the prerequisites to take the challenge. To take the practice challenge, click the Start Practice Challenge button. This will help you familiarize yourself with the IDE and test pattern beforehand. 

Upon finishing the practice test, click the Start Coding Challenge button on the Coding Challenge tab to begin your test.

Note: The Coding Challenge is recorded to help U.S. recruiters see and analyze your skills in real time.

What is expected of me in the Coding Challenge?

The Coding Challenge tests your real-life coding skills with some practical problems. This challenge is designed to analyze your problem-solving abilities. 

The coding challenges will be based on the primary tech stack you’ve selected in your profile. Remember that this is a test of how you solve these problems. Hence, your approach to the solution is particularly important. You will be given 2 problems and 30 minutes to solve them in the provided IDE.

Pro-tip:  Take a practice test to get a feel for the environment and user interface!

Why do I need to take the Coding Challenge?

The Coding Challenge is the most important Turing test. It gauges your real-life coding and technical problem-solving abilities. Your approach and solution are recorded for further assessment by our Tech Leads, and this recording also goes on to be a part of your developer profile. Having this in your profile helps Turing’s matching team and customers get a glimpse of your coding skills!

What happens if I fail the Coding Challenge?

Don’t worry! If you fail, you can retake the challenge in 3 months. In the meantime, Turing has prepared a list of resources that can help you improve your skills:

For any additional questions please reach out to our support team!