How do I finalize my resume?

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Once you have passed the Coding Challenge, a new part of the platform will become available called 'Finalize my resume'. This is where you can decide how you want to be presented to the customers. You can easily find this in the menu towards the left. 

Picture 1: Finalize my resume in your account menu

When you start to edit your profile, you will see that Turing has already done some work for you. You will see some experiences are copied from your uploaded resume. Here, understand the difference between the role and the project and enter the information accordingly. While writing about the role, mention the role you were in your previous company.

Your screen will look like this:


Picture 2: What is Role?

Your role description can be “I was a senior developer, who managed more complex project tasks, while also supervising the work done by less experienced members of the team”.

When it comes to the project, it will have three different parts -- experiences, outcome, and skills. You will also have a field to add your screenshots, and skills you used on the specific project:


Picture 3: A sample project

Description of your projects should emphasize the experience you have in the skills you have chosen as your top skills, and for which you have passed Turing tests. If you are unsure of what to write here, please check out the help bar that appears on the right-hand side of the screen. This help bar contains hints and examples of great resume content.

Picture 4: The help bar on the left will guide you thoroughly


Finally, be sure to tag the skills you used in the project. This is very important for employers to be able to quickly see the projects you have done for the skills they are hiring for.  If you have passed the test for a specific skill, you will be required to tag that skill in at least one project. If you are confused about where to tag skills, you can also use the support feature. 

If you are wondering where to add skills, you can check the following picture:


Picture 5: This is how you can see where you can add skills 

These steps help finalize your profile down to the last detail. This will help Turing match you with the best possible jobs more easily. Turing's matching team will be able to show potential customers your immense experience in the skills they are considering you for.

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