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Tips and requirements for a successful call

Check your surroundings

Be in a well-lit room, avoid lighting that is directly above your head or from behind. Ensure the background of your webcam looks professional and is not distracting. For instance, a white wall is good. Ensure there is no loud distracting noise in the background. 

Internet and device Check your Wi-Fi one hour before the meeting.

  • Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection.
  • Check that your audio is working loud and clear. Make sure your video camera is working properly. 


Be on time, arriving five minutes early for the meeting allows you to start the meeting with confidence. Double-check the time zones with Turing 1-day before the meeting, so you do not miss it. Dress professionally for the interview.

For instance, a full-sleeved shirt that is clean and ironed. Your hair should be neatly combed or styled.

Last but not least be bold, confident, SMILE, and be yourself and enjoy the interview.