What is Turing’s deep developer profile?

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With a traditional CV, it is difficult for organizations to know about the real skills and qualifications of remote developers. This is because a simple resume doesn’t say much about the foreign educational institutes the developers went to, or the companies they worked for.

However, Turing's AI/ML-powered deep developer profiles give companies extensive details about candidates’ educational background, professional skills, communication ability, career path, technical strengths, and weaknesses, etc. 

Turing's deep developer profiles help companies save a lot of time and effort as they don’t need to go through thousands of CVs to filter out the best candidates. Turing helps companies know their next developers better. Organizations can explore the strengths and weaknesses of each developer and decide if they are a good fit for their team. The deep developer profiles provide unmatched transparency into each candidate’s skills, experience, and compatibility with our customer’s assignments. These profiles are dynamically updated and every Turing match is based upon the developer’s actual experience.

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