How is Turing different from other hiring and remote platforms?

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Turing offers a higher value proposition to interested customers by providing customized products and services. It does so by creating highly enriched deep developer profiles with the right signals/indicators for recruiters and managers. 

Turing also offers support across critical stages of the hiring journey like vetting, onboarding, payments, etc. 

Post match, Turing offers support services like time tracking, performance monitoring, and communication tools, among others, to ensure high productivity and transparency for customers and employees. Turing makes remote work, work.

Here are a few key points that make Turing different from others.

  • Turing's rigorous vetting process is the biggest differentiator. All Turing engineers go through 5+ hours of technical and communication vetting before their profile gets in your hands.
  • Each of Turing developers is looking for a full-time, long-term engagement where they can make an impact within a company
  • Turing does not have any freelancers or gig-workers
  • Every Turing developer is required to have 4-5 hours of overlap with PST
  • Turing has an in-depth onboarding process that aligns both parties
  • Turing's post-match product gives you maximum visibility into your engagement
  • Turing is exclusively dedicated to high-caliber engineering talent

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