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How is Turing different from other hiring and remote platforms?

Turing makes remote work, work! Turing offers a higher value proposition to customers by providing highly customized and optimized products and services. This is possible due to enriched deep developer profiles that have the right signals and indicators for recruiters and hiring managers to find the perfect candidate for every role.

Turing has a series of products that automate and solve for critical stages of the hiring journey like vetting, onboarding, payments, etc. After matching with developers, Turing offers on-the-job support services like performance monitoring and communication tools, among others, to ensure simplified collaboration, high productivity and transparency for both customers and developers.

Here are a few key points that make Turing different from others.

  • Turing's rigorous vetting process is the biggest differentiator. All Turing engineers go through 5+ hours of technical vetting tests and interviews before their profile is shortlisted and presented to you.
  • Turing developers are looking for a full-time, long-term engagement where they can make an impact within a company. 
  • Every Turing developer overlaps at least 4 hours of their workdays with PST timezone for ease of collaboration.
  • Turing has an in-depth onboarding process that effectively aligns both customer companies and developers.
  • Turing's post-match product gives you maximum visibility into your engagement’s progress and updates with ease.
  • Turing is exclusively dedicated to high-caliber engineering talent with a vetting and matching engine that keeps on learning and improving constantly.

Hire senior pre-vetted remote developers with strong technical and communication skills at unbeatable prices, ready to work in your timezone. Hire now!