How do I get matched with leading U.S. companies?

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If you’re here, congratulations on passing the Turing Vetting process! You are officially one of the top 1% of the most talented and skilled software engineers in the world.

Now that the challenging technical part is over, we move to the next step in your journey to getting hired for leading U.S. companies. Turing understands the technologies and details that U.S. tech hiring managers and recruiters look for in their ideal candidates, and so does Turing’s AI matching engine.

The next step in the process is to optimize your profile for the jobs and make it extremely hireable for U.S. companies. In order to do this, Turing's matching engine will share some action items for you. (read more about the action items here)


Now, your profile will be optimized and ready to be presented to U.S. hiring managers and engineering leaders.


You will also start seeing jobs pop up in this section below. These are some of the jobs that your profile is being considered for by the matching engine. You can help the AI matching engine better understand your preferences and interests by upvoting 👍 or downvoting 👎 the jobs here.



Now all you have to do is stay put, our matching engine will actively present your profile for multiple job opportunities that match your goals, skills, and experience level. Once it finds a perfect fit, our matching team will reach out to you proactively.



Once Turing’s matching team reaches out to you with ideal job matches, you will have a short interview with the customer and will be onboarded to the Turing Workspace platform to begin your #boundaryless journey as a Turing Developer!


While we find a job that matches your profile, here are some useful aspects of Turing to explore:

If you have any further questions or need personalized assistance, please reach out to

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