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How can I optimize my profile for jobs with leading U.S. companies?

Once you have completed the initial steps of our flow, you will gain access to the Recommended Jobs Tab. This is where Turing’s Matching Engine will share certain action items for you in order to optimize your profile for the available positions.


The purpose of these action items is to ensure that your profile reflects and showcases the full extent of your skills, abilities, experience, and caliber to our partner U.S. companies.

In most cases, the action items will be as described below:

  1. Update your availability
    The first action item you need to complete is updating your availability. This is important to make sure Turing’s matching engine knows you are actively looking for work and can be considered for jobs starting in the upcoming weeks. Read this article to know more about updating your availability.

  2. Finalize your profile
    The next step is to refine and optimize your resume and profile in order to make your skillset, experience, and abilities shine. Even simple things, like mentioning specific technologies wherever possible, can make it easy for hiring managers to understand your expertise better. It’s important to note that developers with more years of experience, and who have worked on in-depth projects are preferred by our customers. For detailed guidance, please read this article. 

  3. Take recommended tests
    Turing gets a lot of job requests from hiring managers of leading U.S. tech companies, and most of them are for candidates with a mix of multiple tech skills. Also, passing multiple tech skills makes your profile more visible in a larger set of skill combinations. In order to help you do this, Turing’s matching engine will suggest some tests that complement your primary skills. Taking these will greatly boost the number of opportunities you are considered for.

  4. Set your compensation
    In this action item, you can schedule and connect with a Turing agent for an onboarding call. Here you can discuss your preferred hourly compensation rate, monthly remuneration, working hours, and ask any other questions you might have with respect to working with Turing.

With these steps, Turing intends to help bridge the gap between being qualified for career-defining U.S. jobs and building a profile that showcases you in a manner that speaks loud and clear to U.S. hiring managers and gets you hired!

Once you complete these action items, your profile’s ranking in Turing’s AI Matching Engine will be much higher and you will be eligible for a lot more jobs.

If you have any more questions regarding this, please feel free to reach out to support@turing.com.