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Do I need an engineering education/degree to join?

While educational qualifications do help improve your profile, they are not an absolute necessity to join Turing. Turing’s primary goal is to help remote developers find stable, fulfilling, and flexible engagements with some of the most amazing U.S. companies. With over 1 million developers signed up from 150+ countries, across 100+ skills, Turing always keeps an eye out for the top 1% elite developers of the world, regardless of locations or educational qualifications.

In order to be successfully matched to one of our top U.S. clients, we recommend that developers have 3+ years of relevant work-experience after they have completed their college education. But this clause is not binding. Turing always values talent over degrees! 

If you are a highly skilled professional with adequate experience and can clear the Turing tests, our team will reach out to you.  Developers without formal degrees need to be well prepared. Our suggestion is that you browse relevant websites (Hackerrank, Leetcode, etc) and complete certain online courses and certifications to upskill yourself. This not just reflects on your resume, but also helps improve your chances of being matched on Turing’s platform.

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