Who are my points of contact at Turing?

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As the entire operation at Turing is remote and relies on distributed teams, Turing makes sure that developers don’t face any confusion and uncertainty regarding their roles and execution of work. Turing developers should be familiar with the following teams/individuals in order to ensure effective workflow communication.


Developer Success Team

Your primary point of contact at Turing! The Developer Success Team is a dedicated group of professionals that ensure Turing developers are always progressing in their careers without facing any kind of hurdles, roadblocks or obstructions. Reach out to them at devsuccess@turing.com.

Turing Manager 

Turing managers are the ones responsible for onboarding developers with the customers. They act as a liaison between them and make sure that developers are comfortable in their respective roles. If a developer faces any kind of problems regarding work, or if they are not comfortable sharing something directly with the clients, they can reach out to their respective managers. Turing developers can find respective managers' contact information on the Turing Workspace homepage.


Customer Manager

Turing Customer Managers are the ones responsible for a developer's regular day-to-day activities. Being a part of the customer team, the customer manager is one who assigns daily tasks, and monitors the work and overall performance of individual developers.


Turing Workspace

Collaboration, reporting, being in sync, and working effectively and efficiently with both your team and your customer are crucial to our mission. Turing makes all of this, and more, possible with a cutting-edge tool called the Turing Workspace. Designed internally at Turing, Workspace is your virtual office of sorts, where you'll be able to find everything you need as a remote employee in one place. Developers can find everything from stand-ups to asynchronous collaborations, and even options to plan leaves and off-days ahead of time. New joinees can find their orientation information and the onboarding document on the Turing Workspace platform.

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