Are these jobs contractual?

Yes. Turing software developer jobs are contractual in nature. But unlike most contract roles, Turing focuses on creating long-term, full-time, high-value engagements — which are mostly long-term in nature (approximately 9 to 18 months).  Once you have completed a project with a client, Turing offers you lifelong rematching. You don't need to go through the vetting process again as your work performance would be factored in along with your previous results and added to your profile to help find your next job. Turing’s matching team will be working behind the scenes to rematch you with another leading U.S. company.

Currently, Turing’s developers have a rematch rate of 98%! 

Will I be Turing's employee or the partner company's employee? 

Once you are hired by a Turing partner company, your contract will be Turing. You will officially be on Turing’s payroll, even though you will be working for a leading U.S. that has partnered with Turing.

This is how Turing ensures smooth, stable payments and a really rewarding experience for developers.