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How do I get matched with my Developer Resume?

Every detail you provide on our platform shapes your profile in our Intelligent Talent Cloud and defines your Matching score. After passing all of the tests, you will be eligible to be matched with one of our partner companies.

So it’s time to set up a next-level Turing resume to back your scores with solid evidence. A competitive resume will make you stand out from the crowd and is one of the key factors that drive matching success. Turing’s Profile Enhancement Team helps developers like you, create a stunning impact on Turing’s U.S. clients and partner companies, by upgrading their resumes according to the market standards.

With a desired outcome in mind, the Profile Enhancement Team shares insights on how to capture the attention of potential employers.   

Turing’s resume builder   In order to elaborate and state your work experience, Turing integrated a resume builder designed to intelligently arrange your skills, experiences, and past projects chronologically so that most hiring managers capture your best potential when scanning resumes.  However, there’s still a lot that you can do to catch their eyes in a few seconds:  Use bullets or sentences that start with action verbs. Share about your role, experience, and performance in the team. Exemplify hard skills on your hands-on contribution to the projects. We want to know what tech you used and for what. Problem-solving situations, and so on.  Use metrics that show impact as the outcome of your project. We want ROI, working links, and screenshots of the product.  

Other than this, the Turing team will reach out to you in case we need complementary or crucial information, to boost your resume and matching scores.  Best practices for building your resume A good resume is honest and transparent. The PDF resume you upload for your application might only mention the jobs you’ve had, and some of your responsibilities, but hiring managers will need to know more. We want key insights on these as they speak volumes on your hands-on experience, how you have handled the technology as well as your responsibilities, and how your performance made an impact on the product or the enterprise.    

A standard Turing resume should : Include 3+ hands-on projects which you worked on using your tested skills - briefly explaining how you have used them for each project Be around 500+ words - make sure your resume has a great volume of relevant information Back-up 3+ years of professional hands-on experience  When it comes to the project, it will have three different parts →  experiences, outcome, and skills. You will also have a section to add your screenshots and skills that you used on the specific projects.   

Don't: Skip or ignore your confidential projects Do not disclose any sensitive information Upload personal photos  

Do: Focus on the kind of product you developed and the technology you used for it Write about your responsibilities and skills implemented on its development Upload app links  Include screenshots of the products   Now, your next employer will know that you not only have good test scores, but you also have a solid background doing what they are hiring you to do.