How can I take the Turing Backend Practical Test?

What is Turing’s Backend Practical Test and why do I need to take it?

The Turing Backend Practical test is an effective method to gauge your expertise in building backend applications. This test will involve a series of coding and debugging tasks, the complexity of which will be determined by your level of experience.

The objective of this practical test is to evaluate your understanding of backend development and your capacity to utilize it in real-world situations.

1.   Once you commence the challenge, the initial screen should appear as depicted in the screenshot below. The problem statement is presented on the left panel, while the right panel serves as your coding workspace.

2.   If you don't see the terminal window, use Ctrl + ` (Control + backtick) to open up the terminal

3.   To set up the environment, run the following commands. You can also find them in the requirements section on the left panel of the page with instructions to run the code.

- > cd task/
(The screenshot below is an example. The actual screenshot and commands might be different) 

4.   Now the project is set up. Read the requirements on the left panel, and get started!