How do I give Turing permissions for screen sharing, camera, and microphone usage?

This article will help allow the Turing engine to record your screen, and access your camera and microphone for usage during the assessments.

Grant Turing permissions for proctoring

Your system/OS should provide your browser with screen sharing/camera/microphone permissions (you might have to refresh the browser after granting permissions).

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Browser level permissions

Your browser will request permission for sharing screen, microphone, and camera access. Upon completing the permissions, you might have to refresh the browser.

  • Screen sharing > Make sure to share the entire screen!
    • Chrome  
    • Safari
    • Firefox
    • Edge

  • Camera and Microphone
    Don’t use virtual video/audio devices like iPhone cameras, OBS, etc. Your attempt will be invalidated in such a case. 
    • Chrome
      1. at the top left, click > View site information
      2. select to allow Camera and Microphone

      3. if your camera or microphone is blocked on browser settings 

      4. at the top right, click More > Settings > Privacy and Security > Site settings
        • The site is allowed to ask for permission

        • Make sure the Turing URL is listed here

        • Make sure the Turing URL is not listed here
    • Safari
      • click > Allow the vetting engine to use your camera and microphone   
    • Firefox
      • click > Allow, then click OK.
    • Edge

      1. in Microsoft Edge > Settings and more and then select Settings.
      2. select Cookies and Site Permissions > Camera or Microphone.
    • Opera

      1. click > Allow
      2. if the pop-up doesn't show go to Settings
      3. Click Advanced in the left sidebar > Privacy & security > Site settings.
      4. Click Camera > turn on Ask before accessing (recommended).
      5. Click Microphone > turn on Ask before accessing (recommended).

      You can also set which camera or microphone you wish Opera to use by default if you have more than one connected to your computer. Use the dropdown menu to set your camera preference.

    • Brave
      1. press the red camera icon on the right side of your address bar.
      2. you will then see a pop-up appear with an option to allow Turing to access your camera and microphone.
      3. select Always Allow and then press Done.

Auto disqualification

During the assessment, you must not pause or stop screen sharing/audio/video for any reason more than 4 times, after which they will be auto-disqualified from the test. Note that you will not be able to attempt the test again for 90 days.


User dead state (If users don’t select FullScreen mode while screen sharing)

If users are disqualified because of auto-disqualification logic, they will see this popup.


    Contact for any issues during the test related to proctoring. Providing a screenshot of the issue with relevant details to help the support team make a quick resolution.