What is Turing's Mandatory Python Practical Test? Why do I need to take it?

Starting from September 10, 2023, the Python Practical Test will be a mandatory requirement for Python backend and full-stack positions.

The Python Practical test assesses your ability to solve real-world coding challenges, work with Python libraries, and develop practical solutions. This is a mandatory test that will inform prospective employers of your practical skill and prowess with Python.

Wondering how to prepare for this test? Here's an introduction to the test. 

To take the Python practical test, simply follow these steps: 

  1. In your Profile, under the section “Skills”, select at least one stack containing Python. 
  2. Visit the Challenges page, and click “Start Challenge” under “Python Practical Challenge” 
  3. Once you click here, you will be redirected to the Python Challenge screen where you can attempt the test and submit your results.

We encourage you to attempt and pass the Python Practical Test as soon as possible. Passing this test at the earliest gives you a competitive advantage against other developers and makes your profile stand out.

Note: In case you encounter any hurdles while attempting or submitting the test successfully, please fill out this survey. The survey results are directly monitored by the vetting team, which will follow through with the issue and provide a quick resolution.