Troubleshooting guide: practical challenges’ test environment

The purpose of this troubleshooting guide is to help you resolve common issues that may arise during practical tests.

This troubleshooting guide is intended to assist you in resolving common issues related to the practical tests. If you encounter persistent problems after following the steps below, please reach out to developer support for further assistance.

Step 1: Take the test on a computer 

Use a desktop or laptop computer to access the website for practical tests. Please note that mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, are not supported for this purpose.

Step 2: Use a chromium-based browser

Use a Chromium-based web browser (e.g. Google Chrome 74+, Microsoft Edge 79+) when taking the tests. 

Step 3: Check Internet speed 

Measure your internet connection upload and download speeds using an internet speed testing tool. The minimum download speed required is 4Mbps, and the minimum upload speed required is 2Mbps.

Step 4: Turn off incognito mode

Make sure that you are not in "Incognito Mode" or "Private Browsing" mode. To jump out of incognito mode, press "Ctrl + N" on Windows or "Cmd + N" on Mac.

Step 5: Disable browser extensions

Temporarily disable ad blockers or other browser extensions like Coding Assistant, Grammarly, etc (Refer to your browser's settings or extension menu to disable ad-blocking temporarily).

Step 6: Refresh the browser 

After completing all the steps above, refresh the page and attempt to take the practical test again.


If you continue to experience difficulties, don't hesitate to contact our developer support team for further assistance. They will be more than happy to help you resolve any lingering issues.