What is the Soft Skills Evaluation?

The Soft Skills Evaluation is a crucial part of the Turing vetting process, ensuring candidates have both technical and soft skills required for effective communication and teamwork.

The evaluation ensures that candidates have both the technical and the soft skills needed to communicate effectively and work within a team. It helps assess the candidate's non-technical skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal abilities.

How to take the Soft Skills Evaluation?

To take part in the Soft Skills Evaluation, you must first complete the Coding Challenge. Once completed, the Soft Skills Evaluation tab will be available on the Turing profile. It's important to allocate an appropriate time and place to conduct the evaluation and to carefully follow the instructions provided on the platform.

What happens if I fail?

The reasons for an unsuccessful evaluation may stem from a lack of English proficiency, performance in structured answer assessments, or issues with ID verification.

As per our guidelines, the Soft Skills Evaluation can be retaken after the cool-off period of 90 days. 

What will be the next step after the conclusion?

After the video responses are submitted, the responsible team will conduct a manual review. They will verify the ID, evaluate English proficiency, and ensure that the answers are well-structured and concise. Reviewers will fill out a correspondence form and schedule a follow-up call (Rate Negotiation Call) for further discussion and next steps.