What is the Turing Practical Challenge?

On this article we will talk about our Automated Practical Challenge and its objectives.

The Automated Practical Test (APT) provides an opportunity for our candidates to demonstrate their skills and in-depth knowledge in a specific tech stack by giving small practical tasks (up to 45 mins duration). It aims to provide signals for quantifying your talent and capability to operate in a realistic work environment.

These tasks will present day-to-day routines that our developers may face in their work. A good example of such tasks could be: add an API to follow a user or add an API to get a user profile or add an API to send an email, etc.

In our test you will be given a task description, functionality of choosing specific technology on which you wants to implement a given task, and a set of files with predefined content.  

After you submits your results our system will check his solution and return feedback automatically :)