Why do I need to present a Valid ID during the Soft Skill Evaluation?

In this article, we will provide you with an explanation of why it is necessary to validate your identity during our Soft Skill Evaluation.

The main purpose of identity validation is to maintain the integrity of our developers and the information exchanged during the vetting journey with Turing, preventing fraudulent activities and ensuring authenticity.

Our goal is not only to provide a service, but also to create an environment based on trust, security, and top-notch quality. By conducting identity validation, we can establish a platform that upholds these values, where every user's identity is verified and authenticated. It is a crucial step in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of our data, as well as safeguarding the privacy and safety of our users.

During our Soft Skill Evaluation, we require users to present a valid ID to be recorded and to provide specific identification details. This is not an optional procedure, but a mandatory step according to our terms of service. This is to ensure that the person on the call is truly who they claim to be.

Identity validation promotes quality and transparency in our services by creating a fair playing field where all participants are verified. It also reduces the risk of unauthorized access, impersonation, and misuse of information.

By requesting these details, we assure you that every interaction on our platform is genuine and secure, free from fraudulent activities. This is vital not only for the security of our users but also for maintaining the overall quality and integrity of the services we provide.

We understand that sharing personal identification may raise privacy concerns. However, we want to assure you that we have stringent measures in place to protect your personal data. Your identity is verified only by authorized personnel and is kept completely confidential in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of service.

Our ID verification process is part of our commitment to securing your data and offering a transparent, reliable service. We greatly appreciate your compliance with this requirement and assure you that we handle and store your data with the utmost care.